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  1. Rankings canadaprodigy900 What is Rd ? I am clueless! ;)
  2. Rankings qkxwsm #2 Here, you need to have a RD less than 110 in order to have an "acti…
  3. Rankings canadaprodigy900 Thank you Albert now we are both going to be top 100 after the questi…
  4. Rankings achja @canadaprodigy900 #1 Hi, You need to make sure that the "?" behind…
  5. Final Judgement canadaprodigy900 Oh! You got lucky . To me that end position does not look confusing it…
  6. Final Judgement mruknowwho Here is the link. http://en.lichess.org/ls2jDw1Zf3bl
  7. Final Judgement mruknowwho I played this game against a non-member. It turned out to be wildly c…
  8. Rankings canadaprodigy900 Hi everybody I see in people's profiles that some people have rankings…
  9. the Chess Insights feature is … Chesstroll_Ingot What is this feature? I only can see it in the preferences.
  10. About Notation karlgoethebier D'oh! Thanx for advice. Regards, Karl .
  11. the Chess Insights feature is … Helvegen I love where lichess is going, props to the devs!
  12. About Notation yanez #2 correct, in this case ed = exd4
  13. one of the best games i've eve… LM mayweather-money http://en.lichess.org/xDwHEUdE/black he fell for a move order trap as…
  14. About Notation stroger short for exd4?
  15. Frightened of pushing myself, … Caustic That's a good way to do it, perhaps. I never had a problem initially w…
  16. About Notation karlgoethebier Hi all, i found this in a book: 1 e4 e5 2 ♘f3 ♞f6 3 d4 (1) …
  17. Frightened of pushing myself, … stroger For the most part I've been doing the pussles, a handfull of correspon…
  18. Berserk -Mode on all games Caustic One thing: unless you took the same amount of extra rating points gain…
  19. Berserk -Mode on all games o-OooO-o Dear developer, is it possible to add a Berserk-mode on all games?…
  20. Lost a game "Black left the ga… ProgramFOX If there was a "Reconnecting" message, there was most likely a connect…
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Autumn Marathon Tournament

Announcing the second edition of the glorious 24-hour chess marathon!

100,000,000 games played

Exponential growth!

Developer update

Conditional premoves for Correspondence chess players, and more goodies!