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Hourly Crazyhouse 56m 44
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 96
Hourly Blitz 56m 82
Hourly Bullet 26m 1
Monthly Bullet 3h 0
Monthly SuperBlitz 3h 30m 1
Monthly Blitz 4h 0
Monthly Classical 5h 1
Walter ¾+0 Anti Rated 1h 20m 21
Owen 1.5+0 Atom Rated 1h 15
Torre Attack 4+0 Rated 45m 5
Sultan Khan ¾+0 crazy Rated 1h 6
Starr 3+0 Atom Rated 2h 1
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  1. Lichess music LaPingvino on lichess tv, music turns off when going to next game :(
  2. I am building my opening reper… gmskakin I am interested to play with you
  3. Very funny game in 3 check, 0-… FM FMSanMarco I find the winning line after 9.... Qe7! (when two checks is ok, you n…
  4. Crazyhouse Human-computer even… Vinvin No player interesting in this event until now ...
  5. Funny vidéos FM FMSanMarco Bidéos : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvsmNq-artLQ0MvPN9J7vo…
  6. Funny vidéos FM FMSanMarco I am also a writer and funny author of small movies : "bidéos", thank …
  7. Very funny game in 3 check, 0-… FM FMSanMarco Against an other game was Tricks_and_botches (2093) - FMSanMarco (…
  8. Do you cry when you loose game… GentjanLici Maybe I'm not used too fast games, but I'm really angry with myself wh…
  9. Very funny game in 3 check, 0-… FM FMSanMarco I like the black game : http://fr.lichess.org/xEy3GE6X#38 Very inter…
  10. My best game today : positiona… VernonHardapple #10 Does that imply you think ...Qa5 is inferior? If so, because of wh…
  11. Very funny game in 3 check, 0-… FM FMSanMarco http://fr.lichess.org/YCs0lWrd/black 1. e4 e6 (the move) 2. Nc3 Nc6 3…
  12. Players divided for nation jorjo You can at least see the traffic for the top 5 countries here: https:…
  13. d4 d5 c4 Nf6 is bad MeWantCookie This is a fun debate to watch. Unfortunately what's "playable" to an 1…
  14. Blunder of the day Jedi-Knight hi guys, sometimes i dont know whats going on with my concentration ;D…
  15. My best game today : positiona… szeweningen2 MasterZaitsev, what would be your recommendation against Qd6 scandinav…
  16. Players divided for nation barensis How many players divided for each nation are on this website?
  17. Offering draw many times JacquesD Another approach would be for the draw button to blink for one seconds…
  18. Ruy Lopez - Breyer Defence JanTouchTheSun @KNBvsK I watched this video earlier this year, a lot of usefull in…
  19. Lichess music CarlosMagnussen Great. It's possible on Lichess World Map (/network)?
  20. d4 d5 c4 Nf6 is bad SparkyMarky Its just flat bad. Both e4 and nc3 are very desirable moves for white …
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