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hoppa 1844
mahmoudsabry 1620
atqr 1583
Conroy 1580
Dorian_Grey 1526
ssRR 1455
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santamarta 1337
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auto-pairing pools
Me shume » Turne te hapura
 Hourly Bullet 30m  2
 Wolfe  3 + 0 KotH 1h  1/4
 Peters  0 + 1 Rated 20m  13/4
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  1. My opinion of the new rating system. DeathInTheToilet I think it is better to wait until all the rating changes are over and […]
  2. King of the Hill computer analysis Toadofsky Thanks for the information! I had forgotten that deployment configura […]
  3. King of the Hill computer analysis thibault Yes, that all makes sense. So only blocker is the absence of tests. Yo […]
  4. Chess opening trainer F_D89 Learn ideas behind openings, don't even try to memorize variations as […]
  5. King of the Hill computer analysis Toadofsky Regarding "frequent backports of Stockfish master branch" this is the […]
  6. Chess opening trainer Aqkko As a beginner, I've often thought it would be great to have a site tha […]
  7. King of the Hill computer analysis Toadofsky Thanks. This modification was largely inspired by and is in many ways […]
  8. King of the Hill computer analysis thibault Toadofsky, this is nothing short of awesome. Once your branch is thoro […]
  9. King of the Hill thibault We're talking about stockfish support for KotH on this thread: http:// […]
  10. My opinion of the new rating system. Jaque_Mate I was pretty upset about the pool rating mixing with my normal one, si […]
  11. what is a chess variant ? allibek it seems here is the answer: http://en.lichess.org/forum/general-ches […]
  12. Rating does not change Clarkey Just know that the Standard rating is getting pushed pretty far to the […]
  13. Rating does not change tuskerking lol, it is really confusing for many here
  14. My opinion of the new rating system. tuskerking i like new rainbow graphs. what is the problem ??
  15. King of the Hill tuskerking yes stockfish can be used for the analysis also in 3 check variant.
  16. Rating does not change panaman Okay, thanks for the information.
  17. "Most Improved" removed from /players cathoderaynoob lichess.org/player <<<< that's the correct link
  18. "Most Improved" removed from /players cathoderaynoob lichess.org/players used to have a category for "most improved." It wa […]
  19. LM Chess rating Clarkey Might be pertinent to come up with new definitions, yes.
  20. King of the Hill computer analysis Clarkey Whoa! I'm thoroughly impressed. I guess there's two ways that we ca […]
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