Lojë shahu e lirë në-linjë. Luani shah përmes një ndërfaqeje të pastër. Pa regjistrimi, pa reklama, pa u dashur shtojca. Luani shah me kompjuterin, miqtë ose kundërshtarë të rastësishëm.
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  1. Easy puzzles seen broke, other […] numbertwopencil "not all puzzles end in check(mate)" Yes, I'm a bad enough player t […]
  2. Easy puzzles seen broke, other […] Clarkey Not all puzzles end in check or checkmate(?) Is that the "DOH" moment?
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  7. takebacks Wafflesmack good for learning and coffeehouse games, although i never use them
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  14. Standard vs Blitz rating CATWARRIOR2005 blitz = skill, standart chess = preparation. That is what my daddy said.
  15. Standard vs Blitz rating PigsRule Why people find blitz more fun than standard chess is beyond me.
  16. Lichess Widgets Smokecraft Looks great! Well done.
  17. Standard vs Blitz rating Smokecraft +1 Great answer jonc
  18. Standard vs Blitz rating jonc Its because there is a larger player pool for blitz then standard. The […]
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