Lojë shahu e lirë në-linjë. Luani shah përmes një ndërfaqeje të pastër. Pa regjistrimi, pa reklama, pa u dashur shtojca. Luani shah me kompjuterin, miqtë ose kundërshtarë të rastësishëm.
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  1. remacth norms andonuts There is no generally understood protocol regarding rematches; some pe […]
  2. Tool : Import game Volcania lichess.org/paste
  3. I'm looking for a chess website... Sollerman vote-chess sounds as exciting as vote-sex to me in fact even less so
  4. remacth norms elan-the-bard I was rebuked by a Brazilian player after declining to play a rematch […]
  5. At last turkish cheater paid f […] Ivanchook I am talking about Perperoglu. If you don't know - he had fake highest […]
  6. flashing name.. intended? Wafflesmack this also happens with the text on the create a game/play with a frien […]
  7. flashing name.. intended? Wafflesmack when you mouse over the graph or filter games buttons on the play page […]
  8. I'm looking for a chess website... rise_UIED I've never been much of a fan of vote chess myself. Cheating is basic […]
  9. Strange Game andonuts Also, your title made me think of the fitting Wargames quote: "A stra […]
  10. Strange Game andonuts Maybe it had something to do with his rating being 791. I mean, the sc […]
  11. Result of the simuls Garry in […] Kutford Thank you @OneOfTheQ, that's what I wanted to know. :)
  12. I'm looking for a chess website... andonuts #4 -- They do, but it's oddly implemented, iirc. thibault! Make it […]
  13. Tool : Import game hoppa The option, to maintain my own analysis (variants,comments) from the p […]
  14. 8 centipawn loss NotMagnusCarlsen <1200 blitz, so that would be one of my better games http://en.lich […]
  15. Result of the simuls Garry in […] OneOfTheQ Yeah, I was there. They both won 20-0.
  16. Result of the simuls Garry in […] Scala The result is 8.5 X 1,5 in favor of Kasparov if you join my unoffi […]
  17. How can I get better at seeing […] kettwiesel do not play bullet games first time. order your thinking process: in […]
  18. Invitation to join an unoffici […] Scala Hello I made a Facebook chess group… It’s a unofficial Lichess group… […]
  19. I'm looking for a chess website... rise_UIED Chess.com. They have country-based Vote Chess leagues over there.
  20. I'm looking for a chess website... Uxe Hmmm, how can i explain it... Italy vs France Every people of Ital […]
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